Baby boomers are fighting again to survive in an unfavorable economic climate. Born between 1946-1964 and as one of my sons would say “way too old” we are actually we’re pretty cool. We did what this the younger generation can’t imagine and we changed the world in the process.

Yet once again we’re in a dilemma. Most of us are out of work and still have heavy duty bills. Many have kids in school or still at home. Some even have parents to care for and kids at home

Bottom line we need income. And just when we thought we were in a position to get it, ole corporate America says” we don’t want you here anymore. Go home”.

But boomers are made of tough stuff. They get knock down yet always find a way to get back up.

Baby Boomers are Fighting Again on a New Drug

This time is different or is it?

We’re not young and crazy on weed and LSD. Instead we’re being injected with pharmaceuticals. This time were not fighting for peace and civil rights. This time were not fighting for a war that makes no sense. This time women don’t have to prove they matter.

This time we’re old and have failing health but we still need income to take us 20-40 years out.

And on a daily basis we’re told there is no place for us other than to debate politics and discuss social security and medicare. The message being delivered is our lives are over and we no longer matter to society.

Well that’s just a bunch of bull.

We’re boomers and we still have fight in us.

And we’ve been introduced to this media called the internet that may just prove to be the workhorse needed to do the heavy lifting for us.

We were forced here because there’s no other place to go. So make room for us because we’re coming. And whats’ amazing is that we’re quite comfortable with being here because the computer age is another change we made happen.

Baby Boomers are Fighting Again to Reinvent Ourselves

So we might as well have some fun with our only option left to reinvent ourselves.

The fact that we’ve work a full career gives us a foundation to build upon and you just need to know how to use it. You can create value in a marketplace that might just be starving for what you already know.

Don’t worry my boomer friends if you’ve worked 20 or more years you’ve got this.

Source by Val Taylor