A Career Change After 50

This is one of the options for workers over 50 years of age. The economy of the last 5 years has not been good and many mature workers found themselves standing in unemployment assistance lines with younger people. Job loss is one way a career change can happen before you knew it was happening. The National Business Services Alliance website has a cool option for matching interests and job profiles for the user. It also has a good list of resources for finding work. A career change is a fresh breath of air, a change of scenery and a cool drink on a hot day. Is there something you always wanted to learn or do and never got around to it? This is the perfect time to do that. Take advantage of the variety of choices there are and know that with age comes maturity, knowledge, experience and the ability to know when a change it needed.


It takes very little web work to find more resources for work more suitable to specific skill sets. There are many on the net offering skill assessments and others which guide user to sites where they can keep current skills fresh and learn new ones. Statistics show that more than 50% of American companies would negotiate special work arrangements for older workers just to keep them. This is heartening news to us when it seems like most of the jobs are going to the younger generations. An alternative work arrangement sounds like a great idea and as I grow older, I look forward to negotiating for one.

Where To Go From Here

Where you go from here is up to you. My job path turned into a new career path after a not too devastating job loss a little over a year ago. I figured out what I wanted to really be doing, took some free and low-cost online classes in something I always wanted to learn and applied for jobs more suitable to my interests. And here I am today, sitting at a desk writing for a living. I could not have imagined this two years ago let alone 20 years ago. You already know where you want to go. It’s just a matter of what you need to get there and actually getting there. The good thing about getting older is you already have what you need and know what you want. And watching the younger generations try to figure it out.

Source by Rebecca E Dougherty