To many, the word volunteer invokes images of a boring and wasted Saturday afternoon knee deep in sludge or some kind of mandatory court ordered event that brings nothing but boredom. In all actuality, volunteering can be something fun and fulfilling that connects you to your surrounding environment while introducing you to new and interesting people. Many families even use volunteering as a way to bring everyone closer together, working towards a common goal.

When you volunteer in a way that benefits the environment either ecologically or socially the benefits of volunteering take on a new dimension as you are not only helping the immediate surroundings but are aiding on a global scale.

There are many reasons people decide to volunteer their time and efforts for eco-friendly causes. Some of the more popular reasons are shared by nearly everyone. A sense of social responsibility motivates many to donate their time in an effort to clean up lakes, sort recycling, or to help the community in other ways. Even households that have done all they can do for the environment like nearly eliminated their carbon footprint are volunteering with Green Volunteer programs. They are the ones that understand that any difference made is just a start and certainly not a solution. Additional help is needed in all areas of the environment.

Green volunteering has grown in the recent years as eco-friendly education continues to reach people of all ages. This is good news to the communities and organizations that are of need of more man power to achieve their objectives. There will always be a need for green volunteers whether you want to travel the world donating your time to other countries or if you want to focus your efforts on your own neighborhood by cleaning up the lakes or the streets.

With so many opportunities possible for green volunteers it is important to find the field that best suits you. Not everyone is going to be able to build energy efficient buildings in third world countries or to help with an oil spill. It is vital that you find a volunteer program or activity that you are able to realistically accomplish and that you enjoy.

Look in your own community, if you find it impossible to travel. In every community there is a need for volunteers including those that focus on environmental issues. Planting trees, cleaning up water ways, educating the public about the importance of going green, are just some possible suggestions.

Should you have any special skills or know how you can easily use this in the Green Volunteering field. If you are a great organizer then start a recycling program in the city if one is not already in place. If you are a teacher then educate the public at special seminars about the importance of an eco-friendly lifestyle and the ways to achieve it.

While it would be great to volunteer all of your time this is simply not realistic. Manage your time properly allowing for work, family, and other responsibilities. If you find that you do not have much time that can be devoted to volunteering then you can still crusade for the green cause in other ways.

Be sure to try and involve friends and family in your green volunteering activities. Volunteering is a lot more fun when you can do it with people you love.

Green Volunteering can be different things to different people but the outcome is the same. Many states and neighborhoods have organizations that specialize in green volunteering but if you should find that there is no such local group then start off your volunteering by creating one.

Source by Wai Ping-Chim