Society has a problem, which most people contribute to. There is a lack of enthusiasm for volunteering and therefore, our communities are suffering as a result. Plenty of methods exist to help people, but many do not make an effort to stand up and do so.

Teaching children at a young age to perform community service is an effective strategy when preparing them for later on in life. School should be at the forefront of this movement to instill in students a sense of pride when helping others.

Moving forward in life, individuals will hopefully continue giving back to the community. However, other things in their personal lives can get in the way of this and not allow them to dedicate the time they once had to volunteering.

The solution is that anyone can always spare a few hours each month to set aside for community service. It should be like a regular monthly routine for them to participate in some type of program that helps others.

You can gain from volunteering just as much as the person you’re helping gains from you. Mentors or tutors tend to develop a close relationship with their students and enjoy interacting with them on a regular basis.

Receiving a “thank you” and a smile from the people you help is one of the best gifts you can get in return. You know you made a difference in someone’s life just from that simple gesture.

Setting this example of volunteering for people you know can be just as beneficial to society. The more individuals who you are volunteering, the more likely they will be to join the cause and participate in similar programs as you.

All communities are looking for better ways to get people to help out and volunteer for different reasons. Once individuals begin to make more of an effort, the world will be a much better place.


Source by Marc Alter