The duty of a volunteer is to serve. We serve because we choose to and to make a positive difference in the world. It’s a wonderful thing. With volunteering comes great satisfaction in knowing your work will help others and bring them together. And though the joys are obvious to some, many people do not understand that the experience is an exchange of heart, and as a volunteer you are a recipient as well.

What’s incredible about volunteering is how much you’re able learn. With an organization like Habitat for Humanity, you can develop leadership skills, improve your communication, and network with licensed professionals. Volunteers can also expect to learn more about construction while working on exciting projects. All of this learning will make you a more dedicated, caring, and valuable person as well. When looking at the bigger picture, it’s not what you are doing that has the greatest impact on your life; its who you are becoming.

As a volunteer, you can expect to meet new friends. When you’re surrounded by like-minded, positive, and motivated people, you’re sure to feel happy and excited around them. These people will have a strong impact on your life. Soon, the experience will inspire you to do even more. For instance, with Habitat for Humanity, you could make presentations to promote the club, design a flyer for a fundraising event, or contribute an article to a newsletter or website. Then you can focus these new skills on advancing your career!

The work you do makes a powerful impact in your community. In fact, your work makes an impact on communities across the globe! Non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity have build homes for over a million people worldwide. An accomplishment of this size couldn’t have happened without dedicated volunteers, who are the backbone to such an organization. And what a feeling it is to look at a completed Habitat house and say, “I helped to make that happen!”

Once a person realizes how much there is to gain by volunteering, the experience will feel more like an opportunity to grow and learn. As a result, your attitude will change and others will see how happy you are. Then you can share with them what you are doing that’s changing your life. There are certainly many benefits to volunteering. I encourage you to become a volunteer, and join a Habitat affiliate or another organization dedicated to helping others. Your contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference.

Source by Christopher Ekblom