For the first time in history, we have a generation (Baby Boomers) who are not following the path of previous retiree’s. In year’s past retiree’s looked forward to the retirement years and once qualified, settled in and adjusted quite well.

Baby boomers, on the other hand, are remaining active both physically and mentally. Many boomers are enjoying the freedom provided by being an online entrepreneur.

A good portion of the approximately eighty million boomers is entering their retirement years with their eye on maintaining an active life in generating a part or full-time income. Primarily with an online presence.

They are using the internet to increase the income stream and improve their lives. By doing so, they enjoy the freedom by enjoying more free time to enjoy other activities besides concentrating on earning money for retirement.

Instead, boomers are building online businesses, improving their income and educating themselves as they do so. As new members of the retirement community, they are making an impact in the business world and redefining retirement by entering the world of online entrepreneurship.

By doing so, they have the enjoyment of travel and working on their own schedule which having an online presence provides and at the same time experiencing the enjoyment of achieving a long-term desire of having their own business.

A good majority of boomers are familiar with computers and the internet since they worked for companies that used both avenues in their business activities. As past employees of these companies, they were able to learn and develop skills necessary to start and enjoy the income generated by their online businesses.

Boomers who are capable of starting their own online business escape the risk of using their savings to open a store or having to invest in education and training to begin a new business. Using the knowledge they gained before retirement greatly contributes to successfully beginning an online business.

Creating an online business builds enthusiasm and excitement when you have ownership in your own business. Adding a little enthusiasm and excitement to the retirement years is a real plus and makes those years enjoyable and provides a reason to get out of bed every morning.

As mentioned in an earlier article there is an abundance of online help in starting up an online business. However, there is also and abundance of scammers out there. So beware. Proceed cautiously and double check all offers of assistance.

In closing, I can only wish you the best. Taking the retirement years in your own hands and establishing the freedom, security and setting your own hours that will determine your supplemental retirement income is nothing but an individual plus.

Once established you can only feel good about your accomplishment and comfortably enjoy the benefits.

Source by T. L. Stewart