11 08, 2019

Job Search: Age-Proofing Your Resume

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Older job hunters fear interviews where their age cannot be concealed and where an initial response of dismay on an interviewer's face, quickly hidden, confirms their anticipation of discrimination. The mature job seeker often prefers the anonymity of mailed resumes, e-mailed inquiries, internet applications, and telephone contacts. Interviews, however, are the goal of [...]

11 08, 2019

Volunteering is Good for Your Mental and Physical Health

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The "Feel Good, Do Good Phenomenon" is a glorious, self- perpetuating cycle described in the field of psychology that occurs when the gratitude felt by the recipients of a pro-social behavior leads to the recipients engagement in other pro-social behaviors like volunteering, tutoring, and donating time and resources in turn to others. According [...]

11 08, 2019

Habitat For Humanity – The Benefits of Volunteering

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The duty of a volunteer is to serve. We serve because we choose to and to make a positive difference in the world. It's a wonderful thing. With volunteering comes great satisfaction in knowing your work will help others and bring them together. And though the joys are obvious to some, many people [...]

11 08, 2019

The Importance of Volunteering

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Sometimes we come across people who spend their free time volunteering in different organizations and charitable institutions. Sometimes too, we learn of people who volunteer in neighborhood drives; whether it's a clean-up drive; a fund raising for the community or even spending a few hours helping neighbors take care of their overwhelming chores. [...]

14 07, 2019

10 Benefits of Volunteering

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Outwardly there is a huge need for volunteers to get involved and inwardly there are tremendous personal benefits to volunteering. Having spent over 2,000 volunteer hours doing anything from direct service- literally pulling weeds, all the way to capacity building- implementing programs at non-profits; I have compiled a list of all the reasons [...]

14 07, 2019

Baby Boomer Home Business Needs

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Job Hopping baby boomer's are on the rise. This particular generation were raised to believe that success was based in being successful at work. Doing his best for the employer, getting the job done no matter what the cost and working his way to the top was how a Baby Boomer typically defined [...]

6 07, 2019

Confronting Age Discrimination in the Workplace

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By now it has become conventional wisdom that age discrimination against hiring workers 50+ years of age has become excessive in recent years. Examples are becoming too numerous to count. Here's one. I just heard from a client the other day about a directive he had heard from a friend that was given [...]

6 07, 2019

Mature Job Seekers Tackle the Job Market

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Looking for a job is difficult and stressful at the best of times, but when you're past your prime, the difficulties are compounded. People are considered 'mature job seekers' when they hit the big 5-0, but some experts say that your age starts to count against you when you reach 45; an age [...]

20 06, 2019

Baby Boomers Need Skills-Based Volunteer Work

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In April of 2013 the US Federal Government's "Volunteering in the United States" report revealed that the number of volunteers had dropped from the 2011 guide for the age group of seniors (45 years - 64 years). Why is this in a time when people are living longer as well as in much [...]

9 06, 2019

Five Positive Tips for Baby Boomers: Retirement & Panic

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As we 73 million Baby Boomers retire in droves, at the rate of 10,000 per day, and totaling more than a quarter million Americans every month until the year 2030, we enter a period of personal disorientation and confusion, if the truth be known. We are a very hard-working generation, and often have [...]