Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Strategies 50+

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Recent surveys have shown that there are more seniors who are now returning or sticking on to their jobs than ever before! Today, there are more 50+ workers working in the job market than at any time in the past. The terms 'white-collar' and 'blue-collar' workers have now been joined by a third [...]

Challenges Facing the Mature Worker

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Most of us didn't see it coming. And now that it is here, many are struggling with how to cope. I'm not talking about The Great Recession as a whole, but about one egregious consequence of it-the dislocation of the 50+ worker. Anecdotal reports started accumulating during the Recession's early days and have [...]

Why Part-Time Jobs Are Good For Seasoned Citizens

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Companies just don't take care of their retirees like they used to, gone are most of those cush pensions, retirement plans and golden parachutes. Folks can no longer expect to be rewarded with a lifetime of financial responsibility in exchange for 20, 30, 40 years of hard work. In light the current economic [...]

Navigating Baby Boomer Job Changes

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Why Do Baby Boomers Have Trouble Getting Back To Work? People over 50 do not suffer from a particularly high unemployment rate, but it does seem to take older workers longer than younger workers to get back to work after losing a job. In fact, baby boomers have one of the highest long-term [...]

Mature Job Seekers Tackle the Job Market

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Looking for a job is difficult and stressful at the best of times, but when the world's economies are battling a recession and you're past your prime, the difficulties are compounded. People are considered 'mature job seekers' when they hit the big 5-0, but some experts say that your age starts to count [...]

Boomers Do a Career Encore at Nonprofits

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Here's news for you if you're a nonprofit leader. Baby Boomers are not quitting. Some want to replenish their finances after the financial downturn. Others understand we live at a vibrant time of social good. Boomers want to earn money and give back. A job in the nonprofit sector makes a lot of [...]

Does Work Extend Your Life?

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There was a day, not so long ago, when many people's lives fell neatly into three distinct stages- they were educated, embarked upon a career and then retired.The date at which people chose to retire was usually in line with their state retirement age, entailing 60 for women and 65 for men. This [...]

Communicating Across Generations

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For The BoomersFor the first time in American History - we have four generations in the work force working simultaneously. Each one communicates and processes information differently. In family businesses, this can create a significant degree of stress, especially when it comes to planning out the future of your company.Those of us who [...]

Baby Boomers – Tapping Into That Entrepreneurial Spirit

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After 30 odd years of catering to the marketing needs of fast-food giants, Franny Martin withdrew from the corporate world in 2002, to begin her own business. Cookies on Call, is now a thriving online business, with one storefront, and 61 kinds of handmade cookies.Older corporate workers are realizing that they would rather [...]

A Guide to Mature Age and Adult Apprenticeships

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Retraining in a new career can be daunting for those already in the workforce. It may mean starting again with entry level wages at the bottom of the organizational rung. However, an apprenticeship or traineeship, which enables you to work and be paid while you earn your qualifications, can be a great way [...]