Where Do We Go From Here?

Do you have dreams of a new career after years of tenure with a large corporation? Do you want very much to find a new you? Have you already had a fulfilling career of raising your children and now long to enter the work force? Have personal reasons held you back from the education you always longed for?

You are now part of a progressive movement of adults returning to school. We have come to know these folks as non- traditional students.

Is you’re life presently filled with family, work, and community commitments? Returning to school can be challenging yet many adults return to the classroom every year at all ages. Adults are returning to school for a variety of reasons. The economic climate may be a drive to pursue a new career. You may already have a degree and want to obtain a degree in a new field or desire a second degree that will enhance the job you now hold.

Students often return to school to complete a degree that they began years ago or to study in a completely different field. The nontraditional student often is returning to complete educational pursuits that were interrupted for many reasons. Some feel a sense of personal incompleteness with their previous studies and their impetus is for internal growth and fulfillment.

There are new programs and areas of study developing everyday. Educational institutions are aware of the increasing market for older seasoned adults searching for a way to begin again. The options are numerous and technology has created very valuable educational tools to make the process faster and more efficient. E learning and distance learning through webinars or part-time weekend on campus classes are some of today’s advanced learning tools.

If you are truly committed to returning to your studies either as a full time student or a new wave learner choose a program that suits you best. View all the options as some programs may offer some valuable components that you may not receive from another. For some schools e learning is only part of the program and requirements to attend part time on campus may be mandatory. There are some programs that will offer credit for life and work experience whiles others are very credit oriented and traditional in their acceptance requirements. Perhaps your primary motivation is to learn more about a particular area of interest or you are considering returning to school to motivate your college aged children. Certificate programs and degree programs are all options for you. Some may be gratified by non credited classes in particular subjects

Choose wisely. Be certain to look for accredited programs if you are seeking degrees and certainly research scholarship and tuition assistance opportunities as well. Do not fear based on your age that you will not get aid if you do qualify.

Yes they even help educate adults like us!

A close friend and confidant presently enrolled in an Ivy League University Bachelors Degree Program designed for Adult Learners was discouraged by family and friends all attempting to forewarn her that it will be a lengthy process.

Her reply was, ” TIME PASSES ANYWAY.”

Good luck and enjoy the process!


Source by Wendy Brandell