If you were born between 1946 and 1964 when everyone seemed to be having babies after the war, you are officially a Baby Boomer. In fact, during these years, a record 74 million babies were born in the US alone! In their youth, they were the peace and love generation, in an age when everyone seemed to have a cause, as was reflected in the music of the day when they were coming into their own in the 60’s and 70’s. Baby Boomers represent a sentimental time ‘back in the day’ when people really cared what the president was doing, celebrated Woodstock, and pondered Andy Warhol’s disappearance. Paradoxically, it was also a time of peace and mayhem… But those memory days are behind us all these days… So where are the Baby Boomers now?

Today the Baby Boomers make up 40 percent of the population and are the middle aged people you know who tell you they are enjoying empty nest… Until they experience the revolving door of children returning home after college to stay into their 30’s. Many are leaders in business, while others are caretakers who are “sandwiched” between generations, so to speak, as they are often both taking care of their aging parents, and their grand babies and grown children long after having raised their own children.

It is not surprising that the Baby Boomer generation is on the cutting edge of business and technology, and also on the front lines of compassion when families need them to become caregivers. Yes, sandwiched between generations, Baby Boomers have learned a lot about caring, and have a lot to teach us all about multi-tasking. It looks like the peace & love generation is in a position to change our world for the better!

Today, the Baby Boomers are recognized as being the largest group of Americans ever born in a single 25 year period. Their vast demographics are diverse and pale only in comparison to their accomplishments. Baby Boomers are making their mark wherever they go, including in the world of science & technology, medicine, counseling, bioethics, education, business, and you guessed it-even at home.

These dynamic middle age Americans are finding themselves in leadership roles, both in the board room and at home with their growing and aging families, as many find themselves in primary caregiver positions. Caregivers for their aging parents… Caregivers for their young grandchildren. Armed with good college educations, longtime careers, and facing many personal and professional demands on their time, they could easily, and arguably, be considered the “Busiest Generation.”

They are able to practice compartmentalization, which allows them to work hard and keep their work endeavors separate from their home lives. In a fast-paced work world, it is imperative to be able to dedicate ones attention fully to the task at hand, and not bring family issues to work. For most, it is a matter of survival in their hectic daily life.

Most of all, Baby Boomers have become exceptionally good at energy conservation, as they have had to learn how to wear many hats, so to speak, and take some helpful shortcuts in everyday life. From home to work to home again to work as caregivers in their homes and with their families, many have become adept at having a lot on their plate.

Interestingly, at home, Baby Boomers are stellar multi-taskers as they provide ongoing care to aging parents and much needed attention to their children and grandchildren. Wedged between generations, they are the generation most likely to shop online for their loved ones for senior safety products, mobility products, comfort products, adult diapers, special needs diapers, baby diapers and similar items for the convenience, quality and for great deals, in an effort to save time and energy. From disposable diaper delivery to senior aids for independent living, Baby Boomers are turning keys and opening doors as they pave the way for their peers, their elders and youth.

Additionally, the Baby Boomer generation is also engaging in stress reduction like never before. Many have found exercising at the gym to effectively relieve stress in everyday life, while others get lost in their hobbies, travel, or the internet as a way to reduce stress. Regardless of the method, they understand that it is more important than ever for them to find creative, positive stress releases to help balance work and family. Little things like finding ways to cut corners goes a long way in reducing stress, and similarly, using time management skills can easily enable busy Baby Boomers to use their time well, and promote optimal living.

Source by Beth A Hopkins