“Anywhere I see suffering, that’s where I want to be, doing what I can.” – Princess Diana

There are a lot of benefits one can gain from actively participating in social causes through non-governmental or charity organisations. More and more research have associated improved health and overall wellbeing with volunteering. Well, there are other reasons why you should join one.

Broadens your outlook on life

Doing social work exposes you to completely new experiences. Apart from colleagues, you get to meet new people and gain their perspective on life based on their stories. These interactions don’t only broaden your own viewpoint about life, it also helps you connect deeply with them. This connection can serve as a source of motivation for the bumpy times in future.

You get to change the world

Social work through volunteering lets you impact positively in your local community, creating ripple effects on the world in general. By donating time, gifts, ideas and money to a cause that is close to your heart, you are solving problems – empowering people and changing lives. When you speak up about injustice or harmful practices, you influence people to do the right thing. Paraphrasing social activist, Robert Silberstein, if we all do one thing for a better world, together we make a world of difference.

Build skills and make new connections

Doing social work also gives you a platform to prune your existing skills and learn new ones. For instance, persuasive selling skills can be developed through participating in fundraising activities. Other soft skills such as communication, leadership, time management as well as social skills can be developed from interactions with co-volunteers and applied to other aspects of life. There is also an opportunity to make new friends, network and build strong connections. You will also create bonding memories when you volunteer with family and loved ones.

Gives you a sense of purpose

Reports say that helping other people is a two-way street. That it even favours the volunteer much more than it does the people she chooses to help. Volunteering ultimately gives a sense of purpose, which results to feelings of self-confidence, fulfillment and satisfaction. It simply adds vigour to life!

There are a lot of causes you can support. Find out what social cause you are really passionate about and join registered organisations genuinely involved in it. In as much as making financial contributions is a welcome step, try to participate in other ways, considering what constraints you might have. If we make a habit of actively improving our communities through social work, we make a better environment to live in for future generations to come, and us.

Source by Ezindu Onunka