Volunteer Child Advocate with Guardian ad Litem

Palm Beach County
Posted 1 year ago
Volunteer Child AdvocateBeing a volunteer involves training, classroom and online.  Volunteers visit a child on their case a minimum of every 30 days.  They interview parents/caregivers, teachers, doctors and counselors to advocate for the child’s best interest.  Volunteers present recommendations to the court and prepare reports which become part of the permanent record. .

Every year more than half a million abused and neglected children are in need of safe, nurturing homes.  Too many spend years moving from one temporary home to another.  They have no family to call their own.  They are more likely than other children to face homelessness, unemployment, even prison as adults.  That’s where Guardian Ad Litem steps in to prevent abuse.

1500-1700 children are in the foster care system at any given time in Palm Beach County.  Having a volunteer assigned to the case helps to ensure the child is well represented and not lost in the system.  The child is more likely to stay in school and find a safe and permanent home.

Online training and 2 full days of classroom training.  The volunteer, after one year, must complete 12 hours of additional training.  Volunteers, after training, come to the courthouse for a court observation and then assignment of a case.

No legal background is necessary; just a willingness to help children.

10-12 hours per month.  It depends on whether one does day or weekend visits to the home of the child.  Phone calls to teachers, parents, counsellors can be done from home or personal visits can be done.  Time for entering all reports in our system.  Coming to court when the case appears before the judge, usually for 6 month and year end review.

Knowing you have made a difference in a child’s life.  Knowing you were the voice for a child who had no voice.  Knowing you kept a child now in an abnormal situation as normal as can be.  Knowing you provided a listening ear and care to a child who does not have anyone there for him.

Please call 561-355-6224 to request an interview.

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