19 02, 2019

Changing Demographics in Entrepreneurship

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Over the last 10 years, entrepreneurship has become a growing trend with growing importance within the global marketplace. In fact, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), about 330 million people, or 14% of the adults in the 35 countries surveyed, are involved in forming new businesses.Whether it is the desire to be [...]

17 02, 2019

Habitat For Humanity – The Benefits of Volunteering

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The duty of a volunteer is to serve. We serve because we choose to and to make a positive difference in the world. It's a wonderful thing. With volunteering comes great satisfaction in knowing your work will help others and bring them together. And though the joys are obvious to some, many people [...]

17 02, 2019

Baby Boomers – Tapping Into That Entrepreneurial Spirit

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After 30 odd years of catering to the marketing needs of fast-food giants, Franny Martin withdrew from the corporate world in 2002, to begin her own business. Cookies on Call, is now a thriving online business, with one storefront, and 61 kinds of handmade cookies. Older corporate workers are realizing that they would [...]

17 02, 2019

How Job Hunters Can Fight Bigotry in the Job Market

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It's tough enough looking for a job these days without having to deal with bigotry. Yet discrimination in the job marketplace is alive and well. Its been around forever. Because discrimination might be staring you in the face, you need to face down bigotry by knowing how to deal with discrimination while looking [...]

13 02, 2019

Why Volunteering Can Make You Happy

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"Anywhere I see suffering, that's where I want to be, doing what I can." - Princess Diana There are a lot of benefits one can gain from actively participating in social causes through non-governmental or charity organisations. More and more research have associated improved health and overall wellbeing with volunteering. Well, there are [...]

13 02, 2019

10 Benefits of Volunteering

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Outwardly there is a huge need for volunteers to get involved and inwardly there are tremendous personal benefits to volunteering. Having spent over 2,000 volunteer hours doing anything from direct service- literally pulling weeds, all the way to capacity building- implementing programs at non-profits; I have compiled a list of all the reasons [...]

11 02, 2019

Baby Boomers Are Fighting Again

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Baby boomers are fighting again to survive in an unfavorable economic climate. Born between 1946-1964 and as one of my sons would say "way too old" we are actually we're pretty cool. We did what this the younger generation can't imagine and we changed the world in the process. Yet once again we're [...]

11 02, 2019

Confronting Age Discrimination in the Workplace

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By now it has become conventional wisdom that age discrimination against hiring workers 50+ years of age has become excessive in recent years. Examples are becoming too numerous to count. Here's one. I just heard from a client the other day about a directive he had heard from a friend that was given [...]

11 02, 2019

Navigating Baby Boomer Job Changes

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Why Do Baby Boomers Have Trouble Getting Back To Work?People over 50 do not suffer from a particularly high unemployment rate, but it does seem to take older workers longer than younger workers to get back to work after losing a job. In fact, baby boomers have one of the highest long-term unemployment [...]

11 02, 2019

How Has Interviewing Changed Over The Years

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This question is asked frequently at interviewing seminars I conduct. Job candidates want to know how interviewing has changed since the last time they interviewed some 20 years ago? Successful interviewing has not changed much over the past two decades. You still need to present your achievements while matching them to the job's [...]