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Don’t miss the informative interview conducted by Encore PBC Founder & Chair Rosemary Nixon with Chris Farrell on October 22.  You can access the replay and details below:

Chris Farrell, best selling author and economics journalist, combines scholarly research with firsthand reporting to debunk the popular myth that an aging population is a burden on the economy. An impressive body of research suggests that, given the opportunity, people in the second half of life can be as creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial as their younger peers, if not more so.  America is an aging society.  The Census Bureau predicts the number of people over 65 will outnumber children under age 18 by 2035 for the first time in our history.  This leads many to forecast a doom and gloom scenario:  too few young workers supporting too many dependent elderly.   However, the opposite is possible.  With fewer young people coming into the workforce, businesses will need to draw on the experience of older workers longer.  In fact, the number of people working after 65 has been increasing for years.  Working longer contributes more to retirement accounts and Social Security.  Also the largest increase in new entrepreneurs are people over 55 and many of those new businesses will be focused on meeting the needs of a rapid rise in consumer spending by Americans who are 50+.

Chris is a respected economist and is currently senior economics contributor at Marketplace, American Public Media’s nationally syndicated public radio business and economic program, also economics commentator for Minnesota Public Radio and host of its series Conversations on the Creative Economy as well as a columnist for PBS Next Avenue and the Star Tribune. He has published five books on personal finance and the economy.

Since “Purpose and a Paycheck” was published in 2019 before the Pandemic, Rosemary Nixon, Encore PBC founder, will be asking Chris whether any of his positions and predictions have changed since then.

On August 26th,  Encore PBC Board Member and Life Transition Strategist Christine Catoggio spoke with Joe Mirrione.  Joe is the Producer of the Pop, Rock, and DooWopp Concert Series.  Over his 30-year career, Joe has created multiple “Second Acts”, and shares his wisdom learned on what it takes to overcome the doubts and fears that hold us back, and what we must do to create our own success.

Joe has managed artists, been publisher and associate editor of two music publications, released Grammy Award winners’ music on his own record label, and, of course, produced and promoted concert events.  He has also served as a business consultant to several marquee artists and across multiple industries.

Outside of the music business, Joe has worked intimately with numerous multinational organizations in the fields of healthcare, security, education and humanitarian aid.  Having been recruited by the U.S. Government to serve on an elite team of professionals following the events of September 11th, 2001, Joseph is proud to be recognized as a charter member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Here is the link for Christine’s interview with Joe Mirrione. If you missed it, you’ll definitely want to listen in and be inspired!

Whether you have composed a resume or not, or perhaps have three versions of it, the Winning Resumes Webinar will assure that your resume will have high impact especially for the mature worker in today’s challenging job market. Topics include a winning attitude, review of the sections expected on a resume, creating a career summary, current formatting tips, accomplishment statements, and key words that are electronically scanned by recruiters  and hiring managers. We will guide you on what/what not to include in your resume to make you attractive to potential employers, free-lance work, volunteer opportunities with other valuable job search tips. “

Marilyn Durant, Durant Resources Group, Inc.

Click on the link below to view the event replay:

John Dalton, CEO of Optimum RTS, Lee Fossett, owner of Express Employment Professionals and Cameron Smith, Business Development Manager of Express Employment Professionals discuss the current job market during this Zoom event; moderated by Karen Roberts, HR Professional and Encore PBC Board Member.

Access the replay here.

For 25 years, John Imperatore survived and thrived as an independent trader in the hustle and bustle of Wall Street’s unforgiving commodities pits. He developed a multidisciplinary approach to the game of floor trading, helping him succeed in a wide range of markets, such as financial futures, currencies, precious metals, and energy. In 1990, he was voted in as Vice Chairman of the New York Futures Exchange.

Throughout his career, John remained active in his community, coaching his children’s sports teams, joining volunteer groups to assist residents in El Salvador, Blackfeet Nation, and Appalachia, and running an outreach mission for his church, which involved coordinating parish volunteers to host and serve local homeless families.

In 2008, open outcry trading which had been a preferred way to trade since the 17th century, was once and for all disrupted by electronic trading, deeming floor traders as relics for an earlier time. Reflecting on which skills might translate into a new career, John concluded that his “soft skills” were his greatest asset and could fuel his career change. Subsequently, John pursued his Masters in Mental Health Counseling at the University of Miami, and went on to serve as a recovery counselor, a couples’ counselor, and a general practitioner in private practice.

Upon chance, John learned of the Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise, an in-home care service enabling seniors to maintain an independent lifestyle in their own homes for as long as possible. Seniors Helping Seniors® matches more active seniors with less active seniors. This mutually beneficial and enriching relationship provides both the caregiver and the recipient a way to give and receive®. John is now the owner and operator of a Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise, serving seniors in Delray and Boynton Beaches.

John will not only share his personal journey but also discuss the challenges and job opportunities in home healthcare that COVID-19  has created.  A link to Seniors Helping Seniors is on our website along with other resources to help you find work or figure out what you want for yourself.

Access the replay of this Zoom event here.

Encore Palm Beach County was created to tap into the skills, talents and experience of people over 50 to help solve social problems.  More than 40% of Palm Beach County residents are over 50 and more people are retiring here every day.  The pandemic has made it difficult for people to volunteer in person, yet nonprofits will need help more than ever going forward.

On July 15th, we held a panel discussion on the future for voluntarism in Palm Beach County with Donna Pulda, Vice President of Volunteer Services, United Way of Palm Beach County and Rosemary Nixon, Founder of Encore Palm Beach County.  Encore PBC Board member Karen Roberts moderated.

Donna has been a member of the volunteer services staff at the United Way since 1999, is a member of the local chapter of Directors of Volunteer Services (DOVS), the Florida Association of Volunteer Resource Managers, Volunteer Florida and an affiliate of the Points of Life Foundation.

Among topics our panelists discussed are:

  • Why has voluntarism declined among folks 50+?
  • Can volunteering lead to new employment?
  • What are the possibilities for volunteering from home?
  • Should companies do more to release employees for volunteer work?

And more….

You can access the event replay here.

One of Encore PBC’s goals is to encourage entrepreneurship and new careers after 50.  We have wanted for some time to feature interviews with those who have successfully created new careers and now Zoom has made it easy to do that.  On July 8th, Rosemary Nixon talked with Shelly Isaacs, well known in South Florida as a film lecturer.  Shelly combined his background in advertising with a love of film culture to create a new career hosting screenings of contemporary and classic foreign films followed by lectures at universities and theatres all over South Florida.

Access the event replay, the first of our Creating New Careers series, here.

Toby Haberkorn shared her knowledge on how to find work, based on her 20 years of experience as an executive recruiter.

Toby is an experienced executive-search consultant and certified job search strategist with a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management.  She enjoys working with individuals who are at crossroads in their careers and lives.

She is the co-author of Best Job Search Tips For Age 60-Plus: A Practical Work Options Resource For Baby Boomers, which provides strategies and resources to help mature job seekers successfully navigate the changing work world.

See the Zoom replay here.  Password: 6d@^418z

Be sure to connect with Toby on LinkedIn. She is available to answer any of your questions, and support you.

In this Zoom workshop, Certified Professional Transformational Coach Maritza Coscarelli shared stories, tools, resources, and insights on resilience, not just for surviving but for thriving, in life and business, beyond our current circumstances.   Her professional and personal experiences shared in this talk are supported by psychological findings, neuroscience and plain old common sense. It is our choice in any situation to resist or adjust to change.

You can see the recorded workshop here.

In case you missed our How to Use Zoom Zoom event on Wednesday, May 27th with the Tech Savvy Senior Sheila Finkelstein, please click here for a recording with all the great information she shared.

In case you missed our Ask the HR Experts Zoom meeting on Thursday, May 21st, please click here for a recording with all the great information that was shared.

Please use the following password for access: 1G*yH5p8

For more information contact Rita Craig @, Paula Humber @, or Karen Roberts

Encore PBC Launches
“Wisdom & Experience WORKS for Business”

Encore Palm Beach County’s mission is to encourage employers to attract, re-train and retain mature workers.  Many outstanding local organizations have already experienced enhanced ROI by tapping into this sector of the workforce.

On Friday, January 17, Encore PBC introduced a new business award entitled “Wisdom and Experience WORKS for Business”, to celebrate these businesses and share best practices on how to build an inter-generational workforce to achieve strategic advantage. The kick-off breakfast was held at Hyatt Place Delray Beach and attended by more than 50 Human Resources representatives, executives and government personnel. Speakers for the event included Rosemary Nixon, Founder & President, Encore PBC; Karen Roberts, Area Agency on Aging and Encore PBC Board Member; and Marilyn Durant, Durant Resources Group.

Full details regarding the “Wisdom and Experience WORKS for Business” award including nomination process and criteria will be announced by Encore PBC shortly.

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Holiday Mix & Mingle

At our October 25 Meetup, attendees heard from a guest panel about how they successfully found encore careers. The informative discussion was co-hosted and facilitated by Joan Greenberg of Manpower.

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Encore PBC Connection Meetups are not simply social events; they also provide an opportunity to hear from experts on a variety of topics. One of our Meetups, pictured at right, was held at the beautiful Crane’s Beach House in Delray Beach on April 12;  pictured below, on July 26 at the Delray Community Wellness Center, our Meetup featured a presentation by Christine Catoggio, Life Transition Strategist and Midlife Redesign Mentor, who presented tools and techniques to help Boomers discover what’s next in their lives.