Meet the Winners of the 2nd Annual Wisdom & Experience Works for Business Awards!

On January 17, 2020, Encore PBC launched its new business award, Wisdom & Experience WORKS for Business, at a kick-off breakfast in Delray Beach.  Now, the conversation regarding mature workers and the value of an intergenerational workforce continues, and we would love to include you.

If youEncore Palm Beach County are a company or organization that supports mature workers by recruiting, retaining and engaging them as a way to leverage your return on investment, we encourage you to nominate your company for the groundbreaking 2nd Annual Wisdom and Experience Works for Business Award.

This event is a must attend for anyone interested in  hearing more about how to set a high standard for nurturing older workers thereby boosting overall organizational effectiveness and performance. Find out how to prepare for, and leverage, the challenges and opportunities of an aging workforce.

With decades of productivity ahead, adults 50+ are a growing and renewable resource that is currently being underutilized.

For Profit Category

Optimum RTS

Accepting the award for the winner were John Dalton, CEO and Founder and his team.

Nonprofit Category

Alzheimer’s Community Care

Kevin Wrenne and Valentina Steele accepted the award.

Sculpture for Wisdom & Experience Awards

Picture of our speaker Tim Driver of the Age-Friendly Institute together with the Encore PBC Board Members: Tom Donahue, Rosemary Nixon, Karen Roberts and Christine Catoggio

W & E Nominee & Sponsor iThink Solutions

W & E Sponsor Drury Gallagher, Joni Cherbo

W & E Nominee Els for Autism

W & E Nominee Kogan and DiSalvo

W & E Board Members

W & E Jennifer Thomason for Habitate for Humanity

W & E Susan Molke for StevenDouglas

Picture of the Encore Team: Juanita Goode, Christine Catoggio, and Janice Egan with the Certificates.

W & E Nomineee Florida Peninsula Ins.

W & E Door prize table

W & 2022 Florida Blue table

W & E Awards 2022 Audience

W & E Sponsor Doug Avdellas (top left) from Atlantic Screening

W & E Janice Egan for Plastridge

W & E Sponsor Melisa & Tino for ComForCare

Congratulations to All the Nominees & Awardees

For Profit Nominees:
Florida Peninsula Insurance Co.
Optimum RTS
Plastridge Insurance
Quantum Floors
Kogan & DiSalvo Law

Nonprofit Nominees:
Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County
iThink Financial
Habitat for Humanity of Palm Beach County
Els for Autism Foundation
Alzheimer’s Community Care
Tiara Condominium Association

Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors!


2022 Keynote Speaker

Tim Driver

Tim Driver
Founder of and the Age-Friendly Institute

Tim founded in 2005 with a team of professionals with a background in media, online recruiting and human capital management, such as AOL, Monster Worldwide and Towers Watson.  At the goal is to identify companies most-suited to older workers and match them with active, productive, conscientious, mature adults seeking a job or prospect that matches their lifestyle. Tim’s belief is that population shifts have baby boomers turning 65 amidst a dwindling supply of younger workers; health changes have people living longer than ever; a new definition of retirement includes a desire to stay active or a need to remain gainfully employed; and research confirms what many have known all along: that, on top of experience, older workers bring valuable traits such as lower turnover, greater dependability, a stronger work ethic, and flexibility over work schedule and pay.

Tim also founded the Age-Friendly Institute, with its expanded initiative to recognize age-friendly employers: the Certified Age Friendly Employer program (CAFÉ), the nation’s only certification program that identifies organizations committed to being the best places to work for employees aged 50+. Over 150 companies have received the CAFÉ certification and more have applied to become certified as companies have recognized their need for mature workers.  If you are a jobseeker you will want to learn more about how to find age-friendly employers.  If you are an employer here in Palm Beach County, you will want to learn how to become certified by the Age-Friendly Institute.  

Making the Case For the Older Worker in the Intergenerational Workforce


Chris Farrell, in his book Purpose and a Paycheck, quotes PwC,  the giant global consulting firm:  “If the United States increased its employment levels of older adults to New Zealand’s, the American economy would expand by over $815 billion.”

And this from Accenture, in collaboration with Oxford Economics:  Increasing the number of older people in the workforce and making productivity-enhancing investments in their skills could boost U.S. gross domestic product by $442 billion and lift employment levels by 5 million by 2020.”

Rosemary Nixon interviews Allison Turner, Founder of BatCat Media Group, a local age-friendly employer!

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