Community Education Series

Encore PBC offers mid-life adults the opportunity to use their life and work experience in new careers, paid and unpaid, to improve their communities. Personal, Professional and Educational Development opportunities are key components of our mission.

Available for presentation to Clubs, Communities and as Special Events for the Boomer Market.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on booking presentations contact: Christine Catoggio 561-929-1195

Encore PBC’s Signature Program

How Do I Make the Most of the Next Stage of Life?

Christine Catoggio, Midlife Redesign Mentor and Rosemary Nixon, Retirement Coach,
start the conversation about finding fulfillment and purpose in the next chapter.

Creating New Work After 50

Rosemary Nixon presents an insightful perspective on utilizing your talents and abilities to create and design work opportunities…and

Love Where You Live

Getting to know the treasures outside of
your own gated community

What’s Next for You?

Christine Catoggio leads attendees through exercises and experientials, to designing the next chapter of your life…and

The Vision Map

Getting clear on what you want your life to look like
and the road to achieving it!

Monetize Your Passion

As the 50+ community explores and plans the next season of their lives, presenter John Marenzana plant thoughtful seeds on how to monetize or donate career expertise and knowledge. Whether at pre- or post-retirement phases, learn fascinating evaluation methods to shape your “encore” career.

Music in Medicine

Howard Sherman, Board-Certified Music Therapist, presents this fun, informational lecture and workshop on the health benefits of music.

Treasure Your Life Now

“Learn how to be fully living and loving your life with simple technology”.  Presented by Sheila Finkelstein, Women in Ecommerce Golden Mouse Award .

Living Happy – It’s a Choice

This thought-provoking class looks at the relationship between how we think and how happy we are and offers tips and tools to be and feel happier. Presenter Anne Goldberg.

Inner Health, Outer Beauty

Presenter Dr. Nicole Rothman, DC, discusses the latest breakthroughs and methods that help you reclaim your health, your youth, and your life by utilizing a holistic approach to resolve underlying triggers of dysfunction in the body.

Master Your Emotions to Win

Laura Eiman, Mental Toughness Weight Loss Coach, believes you can do anything you put your mind to. Laura presents on how we can do extraordinary things by mastering our emotions and staying mentally tough.

Six Dimensions of Wellness

In his enlightening presentation, Dr. James Cassidy, DC, takes the attendees through the Mind Body Soul connection to wellness:
Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational and Spiritual

Community Partner Programs

Steps to Success

The Career and Employment Services Center of Rales Jewish Family Services in Boca Raton every month offers a program to help people find work called “Steps to Success”.

To find out the next scheduled session, email or call 561-852-5057.

Aging Mastery Program

Alpert Jewish Family & Children’s Services will be offering the “Aging Mastery Program” from the National Council on Aging, a 10-week program that celebrates the gift of longevity.

For more information, contact Leigh Routman at 561-238-0240 or email

Lifelong Learning Institute
at Delray Beach Public Library

Learning for the time of your life!  For details, go to

Dr. Dorian Mintzer Interviews

Dr. Dorian Mintzer is a speaker, coach, therapist and author.  Every month she offers a free series of interviews with experts to help you create a fulfilling second half of life.  To sign up for the series, go to

They are always interesting and you get to listen to wonderful people.  A recent interview featured John C. Robinson, Psychologist and Interfaith Minister speaking on “The Psychology, Spirituality and Mysticism of Conscious Aging”.  To hear the archived interview:

The Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILIR) offers classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Boca Raton Community Center, 150 Crawford Blvd., Boca Raton, Florida. For more information, go to

We’re building a movement of elders to address the social and environmental crises of our time! For information, go to

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