Resource Depot of West Palm Beach Need Volunteers

West Palm Beach
Posted 12 months ago

Organization/Company: Resource Depot

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Office Expert –
Help stock and organize our office aisle.
Arts & Craft Extraordinaire –
Help stock and organize our arts and craft section.
Fabulous Fabric –
Help stock and organize our fabric aisle. We try and organize our fabric by color.
Happy Holidays –
Help stock and organize our Holiday section. We try and organize by holiday.
Card Carrier –
Help stock and organize greeting cards. We try and sort them by type of card, and used cards can be taken apart and put in our collage section.
Framed Up –
Help stock and organize our Frames and Matt-board Section. We try to roughly organize by size.
Toy Talisman –
Help stock and organize our Toy/Game section. We try and group like objects together.
Houseware Hero –
Help stock and organize our Houseware section. We try to group like items.
Mega Magazines –
Help stock and organize our Magazine section. We try and organize by the type of magazine.
Plastic Purveyor –
Help organize bottle caps by color and stock them. Help take apart broken items and organize them by color into broken bits drawers. Help stock and organize our Recyclable section

At Resource Depot we believe in education through imagination. We believe in a more creative and sustainable future starting with our community. And most importantly, we believe that we can all become more conscious of what we throw away and the potential left in our waste.

For nearly 24 years, Resource Depot has tackled Palm Beach County’s growing waste problem by rescuing unwanted and excess materials, turning waste into wonder. Resource Depot collects donations from businesses and individuals and redistributes the items to teachers, artists, families, and other non-profit organizations that need them, encouraging creative, hands-on learning and innovation. Not only does this support arts and education programs by stretching supply budgets, Resource Depot keeps hundreds of thousands of pounds of reusable materials out of the landfill each year –materials such as carpet squares, paper of all sizes and colors, wallpaper sample books, tiles and tile samples, office supplies and craft materials such as buttons, ribbon, yarn or beads. Every day, Resource Depot encourages others to have fun with diverse materials, inspiring children and adults to express themselves through creating.

Resource Depot serves as an inspiration and resource to Palm Beach County’s next generation to value and care for the planet they’re inheriting through reuse and repurposing. Our job as a center for creative reuse is to collect all the things that nobody wants anymore and give them to those who can use them. We do this through our TreasuRE and the Material Marketplace. But we do more than just collect and distribute upcycled items, we also teach amazing ways to put all these items to use at home, in the classroom or in a business. We do this through field trips, summer camps, in-house workshops, and outreach programs. We couldn’t do any of this without our wonderful staff, board of directors, and our volunteers!

REimagine Community
For over 23 years, Resource Depot’s Center for creative reuse has turned waste into artistic wonder by collecting and distributing excess materials to the benefit of classrooms, summer camps, art studios, and most importantly, the environment.

Practice a way of life that values the quality, artistry, durability, and sharing of goods.

Imagine a Palm Beach County where people are more important than possessions, where simplicity fosters equality, and where everyone feels they have plenty – and plenty to share.

All volunteers will receive a general orientation, which will introduce them to the history and structure of Resource Depot, key staff members, volunteer roles and responsibilities, and the benefits of volunteering. During the orientation, the volunteer will receive a copy of the organization’s volunteer policies and procedures and a copy of the volunteer position description. The new volunteer will be asked to sign a receipt acknowledging that they have received, read, and understand the material provided during the orientation session. Volunteers may be required to attend additional initial and ongoing position-specific training relevant to the volunteer opportunities in which they will be engaging.

Resource Depot’s office hours are as follows: Tuesday – Thursday: 9am-5pm; Friday: 9am-4pm
Resource Depot’s shopping hours are as follows: Tuesday – Thursday: 11am-5pm; Saturday, 9am-2pm

Volunteers receive 50% off their purchases on days they volunteer

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