What We Do


We connect people over 50 to the resources that will help them find work and volunteer opportunities.

  • We help people over 50 find the volunteer opportunity that fits their skills, experience and interests.
  • We connect people over 50 to coaching services to help them figure out what’s next for their lives.
  • We connect nonprofits and residents of independent and assisted living facilities with volunteer projects that enable folks to continue to contribute to their communities.



We regularly communicate over multiple platforms to bring subject matter experts, interviews and topics of interest to our community.

  • We develop monthly Zoom events with speakers on finding work and volunteer opportunities and interviews with people who have created new careers after 50.
  •  We produce a monthly newsletter with links to special job and volunteer opportunities, research, articles and programs by national influencers in the field of aging, work and retirement.
  • We host an annual Wisdom & Experience Works For Business Awards event to recognize employers that are committed to hiring, retraining and retaining experienced workers along with a job fair for people looking for work to meet those employers.
  • We have created a directory of resources for finding work with job boards for government, nonprofit and for profit organizations, staffing agencies and employment portals.
  • We maintain listings of volunteer opportunities requested by area nonprofits.
  • We offer workshops for community organizations, churches, and retirement communities on making the most of the next stage of life, on creating new work after 50 and handling life transitions. 


We are an advocate for the idea that people over 50 have skills, wisdom and experience our communities need to solve social problems and benefit the intergenerational workplace.

  • We are an advocate for engagement in volunteering as an important component of healthy aging
  • We are an advocate for the elimination of age discrimination in hiring, for the retraining of mature workers and programs and policies that support successful transitions to retirement.
  • Because of the continuing decline of the U.S. birth rate, we are an advocate for the importance of mature, experienced workers to the expansion of the American economy. 


Our vision is to become the one place people over 50 in Palm Beach County can go to find what they need for their continued engagement with life and purpose.